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DeVoe Family Dairy Farms

In 1985 as a senior in high school, Alan started milking cows in a 32 stanchion barn, with only one silo on a 160-acre farm that his parents just purchased. When Alan and Yvonne married in 1987, the two of them then rented the farm and later purchased it from his parents. After many years of switching cows in and out of the small barn, they added 22 stanchions. Then in 2007, they decided to put in a double eight parallel parlor with auto take off. Through the year they have purchased additional farms, built two more silos and added more cattle buildings. Their current land base consists of 1,400 owned acres, 400 rented acres, and another 450 custom farmed acres. 

They currently milk 120 cows with 80 head of young stock and replacements. A few Jerseys have been added for Yvonne's enjoyment. The vast majority of the farm labor is fulfilled by Alan and Yvonne and their three children, Katlyn, Samantha, and Dean.

When their oldest started pre-school, Yvonne volunteered to give farm tours to their class. Over the years, by word of mouth, the tours grew to daycares and other classes. As the kids were growing up, they always enjoyed helping their mom, informing adults and children about their love for their lifestyle. When barn quilts first came out, Yvonne jumped on the idea to add some color to their farm. This became an opportunity to add more visitors to the farm with the help of the Home and Community Educators (HCE) and the Green County Tourism Board. They also held the Green County Breakfast on the Farm in 2010.

The love for teaching consumers about where the milk came from, grew especially for her youngest daughter, Samantha. As she attended Iowa State University her first year, she decided to come home the first summer and grow her farm tours into something more. As many know college is expensive, and this was also an opportunity for her to make some extra money for tuition and books. With the help of family friends, she added a website, brochures, and kept up the facebook page. They had many visitors from all over the nation including people from California, North Carolina, Switzerland, France, and China.

Samantha loves the company of her mom to help her with her tours as they have an incredible passion for the industry. We hope you come and enjoy the experience of a real working dairy farm. We always enjoy meeting new people and teaching them what life is like on the farm.

The DeVoe Family